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Advice from Andheri

Publish Date: Thu 23rd Nov 2017

 Alan Castelino advising Rohit Mathias and Reema Mathias

Advice from Andheri

Andheri Circle has begun a major project to support local job seekers.

The vibrant and forward-thinking Circle organised a successful Career Guidance and Development workshop at the St Vincent Pallotti church hall. The Circle has been working as a part of Maharashtra Area Liaison Council with support from St Vincent Pallotti Church.

“We understand how overwhelming and daunting interviews can be so we decided to hold the same following the workshop offering advice and support,” said Circle President, Eugene Das. “The hall was packed with young people and we put together a full programme which showed them how to sell themselves to prospective employers and perform well at interviews. There were more than 50 people who attended the interview technique event which was encouraging.”

“The Circle did a fantastic job and offered some thought-provoking advice, which was well-received by those that attended our event. The response we’ve had to our youth initiative has been overwhelming and incredibly humbling. It is very rewarding being able to give something back to our community and sustain its future,” added Eugene.

With the wealth of knowledge and expertise held by our Circle, they plan to hold further workshops in Mumbai.